Yoga & Strength Training: The Perfect Combination

By Sarah Draayer Cherry B.S. Exercise Science/Sports Psychology, NASM CPT, Yoga Alliance Power Yoga instructor, NESTA Sport Yoga Instructor


I discovered my love of sport and competing at a very young age. This has stuck with me my entire life and provided a great outlet for stress, frustration and also helped me maintain healthy way of life. It was not until 5 years ago that I discovered my love for yoga and how essential it was for my complete wellness, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Being an athlete all my life I came from the school of thought that if your not running, jumping, or lifting heavy weight its not really a workout. Boy was I wrong. It took quite a while for me to accept and understand how vital yoga was to my overall fitness. This understanding and love for what yoga can offer through its practice only continues to grow and deepen each time I hit my mat. So much so that I want to share this gift that Yoga has afforded me with as many people of any age or fitness ability. Below I will highlight just some of the benefits yoga can bring to your fitness routine and life!


Explosiveness and endurance

If you do full-body compound lifts at the gym, and lift weights explosively like you’re supposed to, you activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers. This helps you develop power and speed. In yoga, by doing the movements slowly and holding poses for a longer duration of time, you activate slow-twitch muscle fibers, which builds endurance. It’s useful to maintain a balance between both these types of muscle fibers, and doing a hybrid training routine enables this and can actually improve your power and explosiveness by increasing flexibility allowing your muscle to tap into there full capability.

Workout of the mind, body and soul


One of the primary reasons I do yoga and not just any other exercise is because of the way it nourishes the mind and helps you listen to that quiet voice inside your head, aka your soul. Yoga has also helped me stay awake throughout the day without coffee, deceased my anxiety, increased my self-confidence, and strengthened my core and drastically improved my flexibility and mobility. All of these things improved my performance not just in the weight room and playing field but also in all other professional social and personal relations.


To find out more how you can implement yoga into your fitness routine contact Sarah Cherry at SarahkateCherry2323@gmail.com or 612-387-1523. Classes, small group and privates available.